How we stumbled on the role of the vagus nerve in chronic inflammation

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Metagenics Institute Podcast: The Power and the Potential of the Vagus Nerve to Combat Inflammation with Prof Paul Peter Tak (


Welcome to “The Power and the Potential of the Vagus Nerve to Combat Inflammation” – a podcast that unravels the fascinating world of neuroimmunology with the esteemed Prof. Paul Peter Tak. In this enlightening episode, delve into the intricate connection between the vagus nerve and inflammation, as Prof. Tak, a visionary in the field, shares insights into the groundbreaking research shaping the future of healthcare. Explore how activating the vagus nerve holds immense potential in modulating the body’s inflammatory responses, presenting novel avenues for therapeutic interventions. Join us on this journey to understand the profound impact of neurology on our immune system and how harnessing the power of the vagus nerve could pave the way for transformative approaches to combat inflammation. Tune in for a captivating discussion at the intersection of neuroscience and immunology, where Prof. Paul Peter Tak sheds light on the promising frontiers of medical science.

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