Paul-Peter Tak
CEO & Board Director

Paul Peter Tak

Paul Peter Tak is a business leader, academic, entrepreneur and clinician who has over 30 years’ experience in medicine as a prominent expert in Immunology, Internal Medicine, and Rheumatology. Paul Peter is currently the President, CEO, and Board Director of Candel Therapeutics, the Co-Founder and Board Director of Sitryx Therapeutics, and Board Director of Levicept and Citryll.

Alongside his industry career, Paul Peter has dedicated much of his life to academia and advancing our understanding in medicine. He has served as Professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam and holds numerous honours for his service to medicine, with a special focus on Immunology and Rheumatology.

The third (in humans) is to vaccinate the patient against the variety of antigens specific for the patient’s tumor: in a small randomized clinical trial in borderline resectable pancreatic cancer, at 24 months, a survival rate of 71.4% was observed in CAN-2409 treated patients,…

Thank you, Melane Sampson, for taking the time to discuss Candel’s viral immunotherapies. $CADL #CandelTherapeutics #viral #immunotherapy #vaccination #solid #tumor #cancer

Thank you for saving the whales!
CAR-T therapies obviously represent a scientific breakthrough in the treatment of hematological cancers and they have improved the lives of many patients (and look promising in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases as well).
This work has

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