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CEO Paul Peter Tak Transforms Candel and Cancer Treatment

About Paul Peter Tak

The CEO of viral immunotherapy company Candel TherapeuticsPaul Peter Tak, MD, PhD, enjoys exploring the world with his family, experiencing different cultures, and discovering new perspectives and approaches to both life and business. Adventure travel is his passion, and he has taken his children since they were young on trips, for example, to Borneo, Malaysia, Namibia, and Ecuador. “We’ve been to many places, from Latin America to Africa,” he says.

Personal Life

Tak’s family lives internationally; he and his wife live part-time in different countries, as do his four children.”Half of our children are in the Netherlands, half are in England, my wife is in England, and I commute between England and the U.S.,” he says.This exposure to multiple cultures not only enhances his life, but also provides him with a world view toward business and leadership.”You always learn from other people, other cultures,” he says. “And you can always find better ways of doing something in one part of the world compared to another.”

Paul Peter Tak

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