Listen Notes: Paul-Peter Tak, Academic, business leader and biotech entrepreneur

In this engaging episode, Dr. Paul-Peter Tak joins Monica Westley for an insightful conversation delving into his innovative ideas within the realm of type 1 diabetes. As an esteemed immunologist, academic, and venture partner with a specialization in rheumatology and immunology, Dr. Tak brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion. Together, they explore the intriguing intersection of immunology and the quest for a cure for T1D. Dr. Tak shares his forward-thinking perspective on reclassifying type 1 diabetes. Through his unique lens as an immunologist, he envisions a transformative future that involves a paradigm shift in understanding and approaching the complexities of T1D. Tune in to gain deeper insights into Dr. Tak’s visionary thoughts on the future landscape of type 1 diabetes research and the pivotal role that immunology can play in unlocking new possibilities for a cure.

Paul-Peter Tak- “I think the future is clearly in looking at type 1 diabetes in a different way. I would almost reclassify it (as an immunologist, not necessarily as a diabetes expert) and I would call it pancreatic autoimmunity.” 

Listen to the podcast: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/thesugarscience/episode-10-paul-peter-tak-XMmxuQl-5Cv/

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