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Find all the latest news on Paul Peter Tak, as well as a comprehensive list of his past interviews and features. Paul Peter’s work in immunology and the pharmaceutical industry has led him to be featured in both business and medicine specific publications.

During his time at GlaxoSmithKline, Paul Peter gave a number of interviews and briefs, including one with the Biochemical Society in 2017. In this insightful interview, Paul Peter outlined what the GSK Immunology Network was and its impact on this important area of research.

In December 2020, Paul Peter Tak spoke with Eleanor Malone, from Scrip, about the work Candel Therapeutics was undertaking in the field of cancer immunotherapy and the companies ambitious future. Paul Peter has also had more broad discussions around his career and what inspires him, such as his interview with Stephanie Sutton for The Medicine Maker, in 2020.   

Going with Your Gut Instinct

I’ve been interested in this field since before the term “microbiome” was coined. In the 1990s, I conducted research at Leiden University Medical Center on the role of microorganisms in the pathogen…

Stimulating the Vagus Nerve to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

To explain the story briefly, I became interested in the cholinergic and anti-inflammatory pathway due to serendipity.

BioCentury Innovations

“Our philosophy is to be very open with the external world in terms of target identification and target validation. We compete in terms of molecules.” While academic partnerships have become par …

Targeting Immuno-Inflammation: Where Industry and Academia Interface

Although inflammation is a necessary biological process in response to injury and disease, at abnormal levels it is also responsible for a significant annual health burden. Immune-mediated inflammat…

Innovation in Development

Just over 140 years ago, the world’s first industrial-sized R&D laboratory opened. As someone who’s devoted his working life to finding new R&D breakthroughs, I’m envious of the explosion of…

Innovation in Development the Disruptive Advantages of Experimental Medicine

Paul-Peter Tak, co-founder of a cancer tech startup, provides an Expert View about innovation in development and the advantages of experimental medicine. Just over 140 years ago, the world’s firs…

Candel Aims High in Next Stage of Cancer.

EMERGING COMPANY PROFILE: Candel Therapeutics, formerly known as Advantagene, has hired a new leadership team and is aiming for a Phase III data read-out in prostate cancer in 2023. The prost…

SciTech Europa Quarterly Exp Med

Just over 140 years ago, the world’s first industrial-sized research and development laboratory opened. As someone who has devoted his working life to finding new research and development breakt…

What GSK’s Immunology Chief Did Next

From clinical practice to academia to biotech to big pharma: Paul Peter Tak has covered most of the bases when it comes to medicine.

Pharmafocus p15 Career

How did you first find your way into the pharmaceutical industry? I consider myself primarily a physician, but my objective has always been to try and touch the lives of patients. I’d practic…
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