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Find all the latest news on Paul Peter Tak, as well as a comprehensive list of his past interviews and features. Paul Peter’s work in immunology and the pharmaceutical industry has led him to be featured in both business and medicine specific publications.

During his time at GlaxoSmithKline, Paul Peter gave a number of interviews and briefs, including one with the Biochemical Society in 2017. In this insightful interview, Paul Peter outlined what the GSK Immunology Network was and its impact on this important area of research.

In December 2020, Paul Peter Tak spoke with Eleanor Malone, from Scrip, about the work Candel Therapeutics was undertaking in the field of cancer immunotherapy and the companies ambitious future. Paul Peter has also had more broad discussions around his career and what inspires him, such as his interview with Stephanie Sutton for The Medicine Maker, in 2020.   

Bios Appoints Biotech Leader Paul Peter Tak, MD PHD as a Strategic Advisor

Cambridge, UK and Montreal, Canada – 5 May, 2021 – BIOS Health, a pioneer in the development of neural interfaces, has appointed world-renowned immunologist and biotechnology business leader, Paul P…

GSK Funds a New Startup with Immunometabolic Focus

Backed by GlaxoSmithKline and Boston’s SV Health Investors, a new biopharmaceutical company known as Sitryx launched with $30 million in a Series A funding round to develop disea…

EXCLUSIVE: Flagship Pioneering Company Kintai Therapeutics Focuses on Enteric Therapeutics

The vast majority of immune cells are found in the gut but historically, the gut has been viewed as a liability to drug development. The question of whether or not greater understanding of harnessin…

Industry veterans Paul Peter Tak and Eric Meldrum join Citryll’s Board

Citryll announced its Board has been strengthened with two industry veterans with impressive track-records. Who is Paul-Peter Tak? Paul Peter Tak, MD, PhD served as Professor of Medicine and C…

Candel Therapeutics Appoints Pharma Veteran And Immunologist Paul-Peter Tak, M.D, PH.D. as CEO

Candel Therapeutics appoints Pharma veteran and immunologist Paul-Peter Tak, M.D., PH.D., as Chief Executive Officer, expands leadership team with Chief Financial Officer, Chief Business Officer and…

Pioneering Gut Science, Kintai Therapeutics Is Bringing a New Small Molecule Modality to Fruition

What if the gut, widely regarded as the body’s second brain, could offer a much more impactful means to effect broad systemic pharmacological actions of orally administered drugs based on the conflu…
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