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Viral Immunotherapy: Interview with Dr. Moira Gunn at BioTech Nation


Welcome to a riveting episode of this BioTech Nation podcast, where we delve into the cutting-edge realm of cancer treatments with Dr. Paul Peter Tack, the visionary CEO of Candel Therapeutics. In this illuminating conversation, Dr. Tack unveils a ground-breaking approach to cancer therapy cantered around engineered viruses. Join us as we explore the intricacies of how these innovative viruses are strategically utilized to target solid tumours, deliver therapeutic genes, and orchestrate a formidable immune system response within the patient’s body. Get ready to embark on a journey through the fascinating intersection of virology and oncology, where science and technology converge to pave the way for a new era in the fight against cancer. This episode promises to be a compelling exploration of Candel Therapeutics’ revolutionary strides in the realm of cancer treatment.

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BioTech Nation … with Dr. Moira Gunn | Engineering Viruses to Treat Solid Tumors… Dr. Paul Peter Tak, CEO of Candel Therapeutics

Dr. Paul Peter Tak was included in ‘the Medicine Maker Power List 2023’

The Medicine Maker Power List 2023

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Paul-Peter Tak

Tak is ranked at 150 in the 2022 world ranking of top 1,000 scientists in immunology and was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, UK. He has served as Senior Vice President, Chief Immunology Officer, and Global Development Lead at GSK, where he oversaw the creation of a portfolio of new medicines. He then cofounded Sitryx Therapeutics and led Tempero Pharmaceuticals (acquired by GSK) and Kintai Therapeutics (merged with Senda Biosciences) as CEO.

At Candel Therapeutics, he brought together a world-class executive team, prioritized the portfolio, initiated the new enLIGHTENTM Discovery Platform, created a high-profile Research Advisory Board, and led the company to an IPO on the NASDAQ. Candel has recently presented proof of concept for its viral immunotherapies across multiple solid tumors.  

Podcast: Developing Novel viral Immunotherapies to Improve Cancer Outcomes

Join us in this eye-opening YouTube video as we introduce Dr. Paul Peter Tak, a trailblazer in the field of biotechnology and the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a Board member of Candel Therapeutics. Dive into the world of ground-breaking viral immunotherapies designed to induce immunogenic cell death within cancer cells right at the injection site. Dr. Tak leads the charge in developing and commercializing these novel therapies, emphasizing the unmasking of tumour neo-antigens within an activated microenvironment. Discover how this strategic approach aims to trigger a systemic, enduring immune response against tumours, with the potential to revolutionize outcomes across a spectrum of indications. Don’t miss out on this exclusive insight into the future of cancer treatment and the game-changing work at Candel Therapeutics. Subscribe now and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge medical advancements!

How we stumbled on the role of the vagus nerve in chronic inflammation

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Metagenics Institute Podcast: The Power and the Potential of the Vagus Nerve to Combat Inflammation with Prof Paul Peter Tak (


Welcome to “The Power and the Potential of the Vagus Nerve to Combat Inflammation” – a podcast that unravels the fascinating world of neuroimmunology with the esteemed Prof. Paul Peter Tak. In this enlightening episode, delve into the intricate connection between the vagus nerve and inflammation, as Prof. Tak, a visionary in the field, shares insights into the groundbreaking research shaping the future of healthcare. Explore how activating the vagus nerve holds immense potential in modulating the body’s inflammatory responses, presenting novel avenues for therapeutic interventions. Join us on this journey to understand the profound impact of neurology on our immune system and how harnessing the power of the vagus nerve could pave the way for transformative approaches to combat inflammation. Tune in for a captivating discussion at the intersection of neuroscience and immunology, where Prof. Paul Peter Tak sheds light on the promising frontiers of medical science.

CEO Paul Peter Tak Transforms Candel and Cancer Treatment

About Paul Peter Tak

The CEO of viral immunotherapy company Candel TherapeuticsPaul Peter Tak, MD, PhD, enjoys exploring the world with his family, experiencing different cultures, and discovering new perspectives and approaches to both life and business. Adventure travel is his passion, and he has taken his children since they were young on trips, for example, to Borneo, Malaysia, Namibia, and Ecuador. “We’ve been to many places, from Latin America to Africa,” he says.

Personal Life

Tak’s family lives internationally; he and his wife live part-time in different countries, as do his four children.”Half of our children are in the Netherlands, half are in England, my wife is in England, and I commute between England and the U.S.,” he says.This exposure to multiple cultures not only enhances his life, but also provides him with a world view toward business and leadership.”You always learn from other people, other cultures,” he says. “And you can always find better ways of doing something in one part of the world compared to another.”

Candel Therapeutics’ enLIGHTEN Discovery Platform has been launched with the announcement of a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania

Candel Therapeutics’ New Partnership

Candel Therapeutics is joining forces with Carl June’s lab at the University of Pennsylvania to see if the herpes virus can boost the effectiveness of CAR-T therapies in solid tumors, the biotech announced Wednesday morning. No financial terms were disclosed, and both parties will retain their respective intellectual property rights.

Unveiling a Stealthy Two-Year Endeavor

“We’ve done this work in stealth mode during the last two years,” Candel CEO Paul Peter Tak tells Endpoints News. “And today, we start to unveil what we have been doing through this partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, who are world leaders in the development of CAR-T cells.”

CAR-Ts, though a relatively recent invention, have proven highly effective in treating blood cancers such as leukemias and lymphomas. The FDA has approved six CAR-T therapies in the last five years, and June himself previously said the treatments have surprised even him: “We did not think that this would be a curative therapy at all in 2010,” he told reporters in February.

Replicating those successes in solid tumors, however, has been much more challenging. The CAR-T’s method of administration — removing a patient’s T cells, reengineering them to target tumor antigens to jumpstart the immune system and infusing them back into patients — faces more obstacles in solid tumors, with tumor microenvironments at the forefront.

Wednesday’s deal will center around whether the herpes simplex virus (HSV) vector can help CAR-Ts penetrate those microenvironments, which typically consist of blood vessels and tissues that sustain the tumors and help them evade immune detection. It will focus entirely on discovery work and last for three years, Tak said.

The Engineered Transgenes Platform

The research itself comes from a new platform Tak said he has been developing at Candel since he joined in December 2020. Spearheaded by the small January 2020 acquisition of PeriphaGen, the platform aims to engineer the transgenes contained within the HSV vector, inject the treatment directly into tumors to break down the microenvironment and then administer the CAR-T therapy.

HSV appealed more than oncolytic viruses such as adenoviruses for this partnership, Tak said, because research has hinted they may be better retained at the tumor sites, allowing for greater CAR-T cell activity.

Exploring the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Vector

“The beauty of HSV is that it has a large DNA capacity,” Tak said. “So you can insert, for example, five genes all into one vector. And if you inject it into the specific tumor, let’s say pancreatic cancer, you can start to modulate the tumor microenvironment in such a way that CAR-T cells can get into the tumor.”

The Experienced Leadership of Paul Peter Tak

Tak has a long history of helping steer new approaches in well-established pathways, having led immunoinflammation R&D at GSK and worked as a partner at Flagship. Whereas the early iterations of oncolytic virus therapies fell short of expectations, Tak believes that these potential therapies’ administration directly into tumors will prove a key edge.

There’s no timeline yet on when the research from this partnership will reach the clinic, with Tak saying it’s still too early to forecast. Candel and Penn could move quickly if they wanted to, he added, but he’s not making any promises just yet. Either way, he notes that there is a sense of urgency around getting these drugs to patients.

“Based on the flexibility of the technology, and based on the severity of the disease we go after, the belief is that this would be a relatively quick development path if things go well from a scientific perspective,” Tak said. “I don’t think anyone could move faster in this space based on the combined capabilities, but that can’t be conveyed in any timeline to the external environment.”

Paul Peter Tak

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